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Diving has been a thrill ever since he was boy. Watching Sea Hunt episodes just waiting until he was old enough to own real SCUBA equipment like Mike Nelson. Owning Rowboats as a boy, runabouts as a teen, workboats as he went into business. Acquiring his first Master’s license in 1980 and eventually branching into other “on the water” business including whale watching, he has been in high demand ever since. His side scan experience and expertise have had him searching for sunken treasure in the U.S. and abroad. Today, his focus is mostly on emergency towing, salvage and exploring the ocean floor. Captain Jack continues to demonstrate his famous boat handling when assisting disabled vessels into close quarter marinas.


  • 17 years of experience with emergency vessel towing, salvage and underwater work

  • 30 years as a Professional Vessel Master

  • 35 years as a diver

Education and Training

  • 100 ton Masters License - Inland and Near Coastal with Commercial Assistance Towing

  • 24 hr. HAZWOPPER Certification

  • ACAPT certified (Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing)

  • International Certified Advanced Diver