We are insured for safe and secure towing of disabled vessels, and have towed several hundred of them since 1996. Our experience assures careful handling of the finest yachts, and Vessels up to 150 feet and 200 tons have been successfully assisted. Whether your problem is a stranding high on a beach or beneath the surface, we will solve it.

The CASCADE is able to reach stranded vessels with our hydraulic windlass and 1600 feet of "Plasma" tow line. Transferring the 810hp to two 30 inch diameter wheels provides up to 10,000 lbs. lateral bollard pull. Using well-engineered salvage rigging, we have successfully pulled immense vessels off the beach.

We can perform salvage of sunken vessels up to 70 feet using our large selection of lift bags (we own, and maintain over 100 tons of lifting power in our inventory of bags). We also provide salvage survey information to larger capacity salvage companies. This can include R.O.V., side scan sonar, or diver information.