Captain Jack’s Undersea Company offers services for side scan sonar searches or survey. The sonar is towed behind our vessel. It can locate lost items or wrecks. Sonar anomalies can be investigated with our R.O.V. to provide positive identification of the object. In shallow depth a diver can provide identification.

We utilize the latest in state-of-the-art Side Scan technology. Using the Marine Sonic HDS system, with it's 300 kHz / 900 kHz dual frequency tow-fish, allows us to quickly cover expansive search areas at the lower frequency, then quickly return using the higher frequency to identify anomalies.

We also operate a compact, inspection class SeaBotix R.O.V. With a 200m Depth rating, 250m Umbilical, Grabber arm, and a 360 Degree 800-900 kHz Micron Sonar. It allows us to cover a variety of projects and mission objectives. Dimensions: 10.5" high x 12" wide x 22" long.

Our magnetometer is a Proton Mag made by Quantro Sensing in Florida. It too can be used in search and survey, and a digital grid file made for the customer using our mag survey software.